Carol Crook

Carol is a multi-talented dancer with extensive experience in choreography. Her training includes Tap, Jazz, Lyrical, Russian Vagoniva, and Royal Ballet. Although a Dallas native, she has studied across the country with dancers and choreographers such as Joe Tremaine, Joe Lanteri, Susie Taylor, Buster Cooper, Phil Black, Gil Stroming, Lisa Hopkins, Louie Depron, Frank Hatchet, Rhonda Miller, Michelle Asolf, Doug Caldwell, Carol Connors and Keith Clifton to name a few.

Carol’s performance credits include TV work for Universal Studios Hollywood, and shows in Century City. Carol taught for the Ohio Dance Masters Convention Atlanta Ga. and TATD in Biloxi MS. Carol was called to sub for Dance Master Buster Cooper. Carol is Buster Cooper’s former long time assistant.

In addition to Carol’s Dance & Choreography Talents, she owned and operated the Plano Academy of Dance for twenty-one years. As the Artistic Director of the school, she set up the curriculum and taught all ages and levels. Carol is very proud of her dancers whom she has trained.

Many of Carol’s dancers have pursued professional careers of owning their own schools and dancing in LA and NY. Carol’s former long time student Jeb Bounds went on to dance on Broadway. Jeb was a principal dancer in the Musical Swing, Tap soloist, Lyrical duet, as well as a chorus dancer.