Erik “Cooper” Delgado

This Texas native has had a passion for dance since a very young age. He has been trained in various styles of dance from jazz, modern, contemporary to his biggest passion hip hop. Once Cooper’s family relocated to Dallas he took his first training at Dallas Power House of Dance. Cooper comes with a background training in gymnastics from Concho Valley Gymnastics and other gyms across Texas. This led Cooper into the cheerleading world where he competed in NCA Classic, American Spirit, Spirit Celebration, UCA Regionals, UCA Nationals to eventually leading to a win at USASF Cheerleading Worlds.

He is also very active in the Dallas dance community as a performer and choreographer seen in local showcases throughout the DFW area. When Cooper is not teaching or dancing, he is attending classes at the Art Institute of Dallas finishing his Bachelors of Fine Arts Degree. Cooper is excited to come full circle from starting his first dance experience in Dallas at Power House to now teaching where he started his training. He looks forward to sharing all of his knowledge with other students and help others grow in the spirit of dance.