Gino Johnson

Throughout his 27-year career, Gino has taught over 20,000 people, choreographed more than 5,000 routines and performed in 500 performances, 6 countries and 200 cities. He has founded 2 dance studios, produced 4 instructional videos and started 10 hip hop teams.
Gino started teaching and dancing professionally at the early age of fifteen. By the age of 19, he was already a well known Hip Hop teacher in the Southwest United States. While attending college at the University of Texas at Austin, he began dancing with the UT dance Team and eventually started his first dance team called the Body Control Dance Troupe. He then co-founded the fitness phenomenon Cardio-Funk and toured around the world . He later created 2 promotional dance teams: B-93 Jamz Squad and the Kiss 106 Dance Police. Dance-vertising was born.
After college, Gino moved back to Dallas and become the hip hop teacher for the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders, Dallas Mavericks Dancers and a multitude of NFL and NBA dance teams. He then opened his first dance studio, Planet Funk and an entertainment company, Planet Funk Entertainment, who provided high energy entertainment for many of the Fortune 500 companies, trade shows, sales meetings and musical artists.
Gino Eventually moved his entertainment company to Los Angeles, where he danced with some of the most popular dancers and choreographers in the nation. During his time in L.A, he became the first Hip Hop writer for Dance Spirit Magazine and produced the first of many instructional dance videos.
After many years in Los Angeles, Gino was ready to go back to the South and teach Tomorrow’s Future. He co-founded the Atomic Dance Factory in Austin, TX and began teaching at many of Texas’ best colleges and universities. His work led him back to Dallas, where he has taught full time for the well-known Power House of Dance for 10. He continues to spread Hip Hop all over the world with workshops , performances, master classes, videos, websites and more. Gino now uses his years of advertising experience as the Marketing director for both studios of Power House of Dance.